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EMPLOYMENT + Champion / 19 August 2021

Our focus in the Senior School here at Tyndale is preparing our students for purposeful careers, and Employment Plus ensures your child is equipped for work immediately after school. Find out more through Mrs Courtney Brook, who champions this pathway.

TRADES + Champion / 19 August 2021

Tyndale is a school that strongly supports pathways leading to trades and apprenticeships. Trades Plus champion Ms Kristen Thomas has a great deal of experience in helping students find successful careers.

TERTIARY + Champion / 19 August 2021

Our School has always been an academically focused school and prides itself on hosting some of the most hard-working academic students across the state, year in and year out. Miss Emma Forrest, champions the Tertiary Plus Senior School focus.

SPORTS + Champion / 19 August 2021

Sport and physical education are important components of every curriculum, and through Sports Plus and Mr Ben Green, who champions this pathway, find out why your child should consider this choice.

ARTS + Champion / 19 August 2021

Our School offers an Arts undertone for the more creative and innovative minds. The school’s success in its Arts department can be attributed in part to the excellence and knowledge of the Arts Plus champion, Ms Janet Fletcher.

EMPLOYMENT + Success Story / 12 August 2021

Our School has a focused intent on setting students up for a successful life post school, in whatever field they choose. Old scholar Fabio Lucano recounts his success, and how Employment Plus can set your child up for a successful career.

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