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19 August 2021 | Pathways, Senior School


Champion – Ms Kristen Thomas

Tyndale is a school that strongly supports pathways leading to trades and apprenticeships. The focus in Senior School is to set the students up for a successful post school life, so at Tyndale we support those who discover their trade pathway of choice by assisting them with their SACE including completing a vocational certificate.

One of the qualities the Tyndale community possesses is the encouragement and support our staff is built on, and our Trades Plus champion Ms Kristen Thomas recognises that.

“I enjoy working at Tyndale because of the excellence of our staff, not only in their administration or teaching roles, but in their care and support of each other”, Ms Thomas said.

“I love working here for the supportive and encouraging environment that our leadership cultivates, helping each member of staff to become the best that they can be.”

Ms Thomas began at Tyndale in 2016, and currently leads the work in the Pathways Centre in the Senior School. Her role is to help students find successful careers after school, and through Trades Plus she can help set your child up for a successful trade or apprenticeship opportunity.

“As a Career Development Practitioner, I strive to help students to find their individual pathway into the world of work”, Ms Thomas said.

“In the Pathways Centre we offer career counselling, Curriculum Vitae and cover letter assistance, mock interviews, workplace learning opportunities, support for School Based Apprenticeships and so much more.”

Aspiring trade workers and apprentices are vital in society, so Tyndale maximises the opportunities for careers in these fields through its continued work with students of those capabilities. Your child can feel confident that they will find a successful trade pathway choice for their career after school, or as a school-based apprenticeship.

Trades Plus offers work experience for students aspiring to work in a trade or apprenticeship, and comes with a range of benefits, including:

  • Assistance from MAS National, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network;
  • Tailored SACE programme;
  • Essential or General English, Essential or General Maths, Design and Product;
  • Targeted Workplace Learning;
  • Certificate II or III in their chosen field;
  • Year 12 Workplace Practices;
  • Supported study line supervised by a Vocational Education (VET) specialist;
  • Professional support with career planning; and
  • Support for School-Based Apprenticeships.

If your child is wanting to start a career in trade post school, this pathway is the perfect option for them to develop the skills and qualities required to have a successful career.

To find out more about Trades Plus watch the video below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Senior School Principal – Kathryn Button via phone or via email.

Click the Download button for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding Tyndale Christian Schools Senior School Future Ready Programme.

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