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19 August 2021 | Pathways, Senior School


Champion – Mrs Courtney Brook

Our focus in the Senior School here at Tyndale is preparing our students for post-school life, making sure they have the necessary skills and attributes to successfully find purposeful careers. With Employment Plus, you can set your child up for success early by getting them the experience and qualities that will earn them a job after they complete their secondary education.

Mrs Courtney Brook, who champions this pathway, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for students aspiring to find a career post-school.

“I have been championing Workplace Practices and supporting students to gain employment from school since I began my career here at Tyndale”, Mrs Brook said.

“I love that we have this opportunity to equip students to be competitive in their field of employment through work placements, apprenticeships, TAFE and VET qualifications and practical employability skills development.”

Mrs Brook has been at Tyndale since 2016, working in the Senior School helping students complete their tertiary education. She currently works as a Year 10 Pastoral Care, Year 10 and 11 English, and Year 12 Workplace Practices teacher.

“Tyndale has a pathway for every kind of learner”, Mrs Brook said when asked why she loves working at Tyndale.

“We have a holistic team who are truly invested in being able to cheer our students on as they graduate, celebrating the myriad journeys students are on in their learning.

“It brings me a lot of joy to work with this team each year as we teach each cohort.”

Employment Plus is a perfect opportunity to get a foot in the door for a career, as students will complete a multitude of hands-on practices and work-ready subjects during their Senior years through this pathway.

“Students who want to be working in the desired industry as soon as they can, but also want to get their SACE completion, should choose Employment Plus”, Mrs Brook said.

“It supports students who might be wanting to do a School Based Apprenticeship or another form of Work Experience/Placement in combination with some conventional school subjects.

“Workplace Practices and Research Project work really well to support students on a path to full time employment as the work in these courses supports students skill development and investigation into their chosen industry.”

Employment Plus offers a variety of practical and product-based subjects, such as:

  • Child Studies;
  • Food and Hospitality;
  • Photography;
  • Media and Marketing;
  • Art;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Workplace Practices;
  • Design and Product;
  • Digital Technology; and
  • Life Skills.

Students who choose the Employment Plus pathway will still complete Research Project as part of gaining their SACE, but their SACE completion will involve more out-of-school components like work placement, to support them in gaining part or full-time employment post-school.

To find out more about Employment Plus watch the video below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Senior School Principal – Kathryn Button via phone or via email.

Click the Download button for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding Tyndale Christian Schools Senior School Future Ready Programme.

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