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19 August 2021 | Pathways, Senior School


Champion – Mrs Colleen Porch

Our School has always been an academically focused school and prides itself on being home to some of the most hard-working academic students across the state, year in and year out.

Tyndale has a tradition of excellence, with graduates working in:

  • The Space Academy;
  • US Congress internships;
  • Defence;
  • Engineering;
  • Politics;
  • Law; and
  • Psychology after completing their education.

Lead teacher, Mrs Colleen Porch, champions the Tertiary Plus Senior School focus.

Mrs Porch has called Tyndale home since 2009 and is our English Curriculum leader and Year 12 Pastoral Care leader. What sets her apart from her peers is her accreditation as an AITSL (Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership) Lead teacher; we are blessed to have someone of her calibre here at Tyndale.

“I’m passionate about literature”, said Mrs Porch during a ‘Meet The Team’ Facebook video that aired last year.

“I’m passionate about world issues. I’m passionate about finding moments where I can share my faith in an authentic manner, and I’m passionate about teaching students all of the above”.

Mrs Porch is a true ambassador of Tyndale’s brand values: Intentionally Christian, Intentionally Inclusive and Intentionally Excellent, and has demonstrated this with over a decade of high-level teaching and leading here at Tyndale.

In school or out of school, our goal is making sure your child succeeds, and at Tyndale, your child is in excellent hands academically.

Tertiary Plus offers opportunities for students with a passion to learn. Through a range of subjects, your child will develop an extensive academic repertoire capable of working in various fields. Students can formulate their studies around a number of focus areas including:

  • STEM
    • Mathematics, Sciences, Design, Physical Education, Food and Hospitality, Media and Arts
    • Game development and programming; and
    • Using high level equipment such as 3D and laser printers and spectrophotometers.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • English, History, Geography, Business, Marketing, Psychology and Child Studies
    • Opportunity for entry into the Spring Poetry Festival;
    • Attending Adelaide Writer’s Week;
    • State Theatre Performances;

Click here to view Mrs Porch’s entire three-minute self-introduction, as part of our ‘Meet The Team Monday’ series.

To find out more about Tertiary Plus please contact our Senior School Principal – Kathryn Button via phone or via email.

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