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Bringing Shepherds Together

In the midst of COVID-19, it was with much joy that we had the honour of once again hosting our annual Pastors’ Morning Tea yesterday morning, on Tuesday 14 June 2022! We felt very fortunate to still have the opportunity to host this event and see the local Pastors in our community come together, despite the challenging circumstances we are all experiencing. It was also very exciting to have our acting Head of Schools – Phil Jones have the chance to meet and engage with the local “Shepherds” in our community and share his heart for Tyndale!

We hold our Pastors’ Morning Teas annually across each of our Tyndale Christian School locations. Whether our families are at Murray Bridge, Salisbury East, or Strathalbyn, each are members of the Tyndale family, and we are dedicated to ensuring that each have the opportunity and support to have a relationship with Christ! Therefore, we believe it is intrinsically important that we honour, support and collaborate with the local Pastors and churches within each of these communities, to develop ideas on how to support our students and families and how we can work together to fulfil God’s will and serve Him.

From the word, we see and read of the power of sharing a meal with others; engaging in fellowship, learning from one another, and sharing our faith to build fruitful relationships. This year, it was our pleasure to have had 15 of the local Pastors and Ministers within our community join with us and share in engaging conversations about their service in the community and our joint passion for seeing our students and families build deep relationships with Christ over delicious morning tea nibbles and a cuppa!

It is Tyndale’s vision for 2022 that each student and their family, and staff member, feel like they belong, that they are known by Christ and by each other, that they are loved, and that they have a purpose. Our vision was discussed at this year’s Pastors’ Morning Tea, as well as how we are actioning this for our students and families; in addition, how we are ensuring that as staff and leaders for our students, we are role modelling what this looks like.

Other focuses of discussion included the need to lead our communities in change, and out of the current challenges, pain and sorrow that have come with this chapter of COVID-19. Additionally, we discussed the needs that Tyndale has, the needs that our local churches have, and how we can partner together to support and uplift one another in actioning these needs.

We love being able to provide a space and opportunity for the “Shepherds” in our community to come together to connect each year and have their service and dedication to showing Christ’s love in our community honoured! We feel incredibly blessed to have been able to proceed with this event and are very excited as to what fruit is to come from the discussions had and relationships formed!

If you would like to ensure your Church’s Pastor is invited in 2023 or check that they are on our database, please contact Miss Grace Agius – Marketing Officer, by phone or email

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