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31 March 2023 | Middle School, Pastoral Care

Give your child the right support in their adolescent years by enrolling them at Tyndale, where staff invest in your child’s learning and who they are as a person.

Are you concerned about your child’s resilience and their ability to overcome the hurdles they may face in their adolescent years?

With mental health challenges emerging among their peers, how do you know if your child is managing alright?

What if there was a way for your child to receive support from staff who not only teach content, but also support your child’s emotional and relational needs?

Like so many other children at Tyndale, your child has the opportunity to be surrounded by strong and cohesive staff who are passionate about teaching your child and providing them with pastoral care.

A happy and healthy child is more likely to learn and obtain information. Therefore, at Tyndale, your child has consistent teachers who are invested in their life so they can build trust and healthy relationships. Your child’s teacher will aim to bring out the best in them academically and as a person.

You want teachers and pastoral care leaders who are active in your child’s journey and who help them develop the social, emotional, and mental skills needed to be happy and healthy, thriving individuals.

At Tyndale, we are interested in who your child is more than what they can do. Our pastoral care leaders will give your child autonomy to make informed decisions that benefit those around them yet will still be present to guide them in the right direction. This way, your child develops independence and gains confidence to think for themselves.

In Middle School, we understand that your child is questioning who they are, where they’re headed, and what they’re worth. We are here to be present and help guide them along the journey of discovering who they are and what they are created to do.

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