Salisbury East

Meet Our Therapy Dogs Olive, Zena and Aussie

We are intentional about providing health care and support to all students and their families – through registered nursing staff, social workers, counsellors and therapy dogs!

At Tyndale we value the holistic wellbeing of every student including their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing with the ultimate goal to help individuals know their identify in Christ.

Meet our three therapy dogs, Zena, Olive and Aussie. Previously engaged with the Royal Society for the Blind, they are now homed by school staff and dearly loved by the school community.

The dogs have some special jobs around the school such as assisting students struggling with anxiety. Our Director of Counselling says “someone with anxiety can catastrophise the situation, so they need to have strategies to bring them back down from that – it’s a skill they need to develop.” Patting a dog can help take your mind off your thoughts and calm yourself down.

The dogs provide a general sense of wellbeing at Tyndale Christian School – Salisbury East and most students think it is a good idea even if they do not rely on them.

To learn more about our Therapy dogs, call the Counselling Office on 8282 5160 or email The Aquarium (Counselling Office).

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