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12 August 2021 | Pathways, Senior School


Success Story – Tim Phillips

Our School has a history of producing academically successful students who find themselves in high-end jobs post-school.

An example of this excellence rubbing off on our students is old scholar Tim Phillips, who said Tyndale offered him the help and support he needed to focus on the pathway he was seeking.

“Tyndale provided a healthy support system during my development and provided me with the knowledge to follow any pathway I liked”, Tim said.

Tim graduated Tyndale in 2014 and has since found a job in South Australia’s growing space industry. A combination of passion for the pathway, as well as guidance from his teachers, helped Tim secure the high-end job.

“I was always interested in Science, and found a passion for Physics in Senior School, especially the topic of kinematics”, Tim said.

“Mr Kikuchi (Year 12 Chemistry) was a fantastic teacher, and always went above and beyond to ensure I had understood the necessary teachings throughout my final year of school.”

Tim has recently been selected as an operator within Australia’s first national multi-operational mission control centre and is a perfect success story for Tertiary Plus.

“If you’re truly passionate about something, never do it half-heartedly”, Tim said when asked for some advice for aspiring Senior School students.

“On top of that, understanding that the knowledge you gain from a good education and the ability to learn fast are some of the most underrated tools you’ll ever have.

“These tools, as well as a mindset to never stop learning, will immediately put you above the pack in whatever you decide to do.”

Tertiary Plus offers opportunities for students with a passion to learn, and through a range of subjects, your child will develop an extensive academic repertoire capable of working in various fields. Students can formulate their studies around any number of focus areas including:

  • STEM
    • Mathematics, Sciences, Design, Physical Education, Food and Hospitality, Media and Arts;
    • Game development and programming; and
    • Using high level equipment such as 3D and laser printers and spectrophotometers.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • English, History, Geography, Business, Marketing, Psychology and Child Studies
    • Opportunity for entry into the Spring Poetry Festival;
    • Attending Adelaide Writer’s Week; and
    • State Theatre Performances.

To find out more about Sports Plus watch the video below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Senior School Principal – Kathryn Button via phone or via email.

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