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12 August 2021 | Pathways, Senior School


Success Story – Lachlan Jones

Our School is dedicated to serving a successful sports program that enables students who are passionate about sport to find related careers after school. 

Tyndale is passionate about sport and sports science, and its ongoing competitiveness and sporting accolades attest to that. But by selecting Sports Plus, your child will not only be involved with the physical aspects of sport but will learn about the biological and psychological sides as well. An all-around knowledge of sport and its components will give your child various career pathways to discover post-school.

While Tyndale has had a long list of athletes that have found sporting success throughout the years, one of its recent graduates, Lachlan Jones, is hoping to find his career in sports journalism.

Lachlan completed his study at Tyndale in 2018 and was a Tyndalian for his full thirteen-year schooling life.

“I guess you could say I live and breathe Tyndale”, Lachlan said.

“My dad works here; my brothers all go here, and I found a lot of life-long friends here”.

Lachlan is in his final year of study at University, where he aims to become a sports journalist following his graduation.

“I have always been super passionate about sport”, Lachlan said.

“All the statistics, players and teams fascinate me, and I always excelled in English throughout school, so to write about sport would be a perfect job for me.”

Lachlan competed in SACSA carnivals all through his schooling at Tyndale, participating in numerous sports such as basketball, football, athletics, touch football, cross country and more. He also took Physical Education as a subject through to Year 12.

When asked about his experience at Tyndale, Lachlan said the teachers were always supportive of his endeavours and helped him develop his skills in writing.

“I was always a bit of a handyman when it came to English”, Lachlan said.

“I used to write fake stories about sport when I was younger, and pretend I was writing for a newspaper.

“It wasn’t until Senior School with Miss Forrest in English, and Mr Green in PE, that I truly found that I wanted to be a sportswriter. They were awesome for me further developing my skills in the two subjects and finding a knack for it.”

Lachlan is now closing in on a job in the journalism industry, demonstrating that Sports Plus is not just exclusive to athletes wanting to become the next sports star, but also for aspiring students in other pathways who happen to share an interest in sport as well.

“I would recommend it for anyone who loves sport”, Lachlan said.

“Not just for the athletes who excel in their chosen sport, but for academically gifted students too.”

As part of the Sports Plus, Tyndale offers:

  • Year 10 specialist PE;
  • Year 11 to 12 SACE PE;
  • Year 11 to 12 Active Learning;
    • Personal Training, Scientific Studies, Nutrition, Biology, Psychology

Students will also have the option of choosing to participate in our on-site Certificate III in Fitness course, as well as full access to our brand new Human Performance Centre.

To find out more about Sports Plus watch the video below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Senior School Principal – Kathryn Button via phone or via email.

Click the Download button for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding Tyndale Christian Schools Senior School Future Ready Programme.

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