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Our desire for parents, staff and students to experience a strong sense of belonging led to the initiative of setting up Café Selah in 2019. Feel free to come past Café Selah and pull up a seat and stay for a while, enjoy the community atmosphere, or take advantage of the takeaway service.

Our wonderful Barista Jess has run the cafe since it opened and has a heart for others. She wants Café Selah to be a place where you can take a rest and pause just as its name intents and enjoy a good coffee and snack.

Café Selah is open to the Tyndalian community from:

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 9:30am.

Check out what our Tyndalian community are saying about Café Selah and our wonderful Barista Jess.

The Café is an awesome addition to the school and the best part of the café is Jess! She makes the best hot chocolate going around and she is so lovely to talk to and so professional with her service. I love going every afternoon to sit and relax with my awesome group of friends. – Kerry Cavenett

Jess is amazing, she does an incredible job especially with how busy the Café gets. Keep up the good work. – Tina Schoenau
Jess makes the best coffees and chai lattes. Nothing compares to them now! – Jamie Daulby

To find out what is on our menu, call Jess on 8282 5163 or email Jessie Robinson.

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