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12 August 2021 | Pathways, Senior School


Success Story – Elyse Evans

Our School provides a broad, specialised Arts program, catering for students who have a strong desire to study the individual disciplines building industry-ready skills and understandings and share a keen interest in creative arts and performance, and learning the skills and techniques involved with the Arts industry.

Tyndale graduates include very successful Arts students who have found careers after completing their education, and one of those is old scholar, Elyse Evans.

Elyse moved to Tyndale in Year 3 and graduated after Year 12 in 2013. Spending ten years at the school, Elyse discovered her love for Arts through Drama in Middle School with former teacher Laura Lawrie, before considering it as a profession in Senior School Drama with Janet Fletcher.

“My passion for the Arts definitely started at school with Tyndale”, Elyse said.

“I had Laura Lawrie for my formative years in Middle School, and she brought a whole lot of passion to our Middle School musicals.

“I always loved being a part of it, and the community aspect of creative arts.”

“Janet was also a huge influence over my Arts career, with taking it more seriously and delving into analysis and performance.”

Elyse has had a stellar career in the Arts industry post-education so far, taking classes at Adelaide College of the Arts in an advanced diploma for acting for three years, auditioning for NIDA in Sydney and undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts while over there, and starting up her own industry before COVID shut it down last year.

Tyndale helped provide Elyse with the best possible education and support, helping her to achieve her career pathway; she developed her love for Arts through the drama programme here at Tyndale.

“Encouraging it (Arts and Drama) as a professional option helped me realise this is something I wanted to do”, Elyse said.

“There’s a really good appreciation for the Arts here at Tyndale.

“I would encourage kids to really enjoy school. You never get that time back.”

Students who aspire to work in the Arts industry should strongly consider Arts Plus, as showcased by Elyse’s journey after school.

Arts Plus offers the following subjects to enable your child the full Arts experience:

  • Visual Art, Creative Arts, Design and Photography;
  • Music – Solo, Ensemble, Studies and Experience;
  • Drama;
  • Media and Marketing; and
  • Design and Product.

From there, students can then receive bonuses on top of their education that could see them get the necessary experience in the Arts field to seek success post school. These bonuses include:

  • Specialised VET in fashion, lighting, sound, makeup, screen, media and design;
  • Integration of AMEB and Dance Academy qualifications into SACE;
  • Opportunities to perform in Cabaret, Arts Nights and Drama Productions, Chapel Band, Theatre Sports and Dance Club; and
  • Close relationships with the Fifth Business Theatre Company.

To find out more about Arts Plus watch the video below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Senior School Principal – Kathryn Button via phone or via email.

Click the Download button for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding Tyndale Christian Schools Senior School Future Ready Programme.

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