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26 August 2021 | Community, Life Long Learning

Tiny Tyndalians

Our School is built on sustaining a Lifelong Learning foundation, instilling a desire for knowledge that inspires our children to create an incredible future for themselves and those around them, leaving behind a legacy that continually rebuilds, restores and renews lives to the glory of God.

With the implementation of the Tiny Tyndalians programme at our Salisbury East campus, your child can build connections with others before their Reception year. Tiny Tyndalians engages enrolled four-year-olds, in a year-long, play-based transition programme. This programme is designed to prepare children for school and introduce them and their families to the Tyndale school culture.

Tiny Tyndalians is a playgroup learning model where parents and caregivers engage in play activities and experiences with their child. We have experienced staff and volunteers facilitating the programme who are always available for conversations with parents and carers to discuss their child’s progress, and in doing so, we maintain that connection with the families and make them feel a part of the family here at Tyndale.

Through this pre-school programme, your child can form friendships that will last the entirety of their schooling, and beyond, and they can be exposed to Tyndale’s loving and together community that we strive to encapsulate through our supportive environment.

It is the perfect transition for your child, ensuring an easy and comfortable move into the start of their schooling, as with already existing friendships and support, the start of their education will be made much simpler and stress-free.

The Tiny Tyndalians programme runs three times a week at Salisbury East with the option of:

  • Thursday, 1:30pm to 3:00pm;
  • Friday, 9:00am to 10:30am; or
  • Friday, 1:30pm to 3:00pm.

To find out more about the Tiny Tyndalians playgroup, contact our Deputy Principal of Teaching and Learning – Ceri Stanley via phone or via email.

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