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19 August 2021 | Senior School, Sport

High Performance Athlete Programme

Student Insight – Miss Marley Raikwasa

Our School has a strong, intentional focus on its sport and sports science.

Tyndale is introducing a new elite sports programme, aimed at the students who want to take their sport to the next level. Titled the High Performance Athlete Programme (HPAP), it features on-site development to assist students with finding a pathway in health or sport post-school, with features including a Certificate III in Fitness, access to the sports science laboratory and a connection to US colleges through Mr Matt Howard, the coordinator for this programme.

One of our beloved Year 10 students, Marley Raikiwasa, will be undertaking this programme, and she is one of the country’s best discus throwers for her age. She found a passion for athletics when she was younger and has always been a good thrower.

“I started doing this in junior athletics”, Marley said.

“Through little athletics, I found throwing events to be my best. I competed and won a silver medal at Nationals in javelin but then moved onto discus and shot put.”

Marley has been at Tyndale since 2017 when she started in Year 6. Currently, in Year 10, she already boasts some impressive achievements in athletics.

“I represented Australia as an under-20’s athlete in June, as a 15 year old”, Marley said.

“I have previously represented South Australia on six occasions for discus, shot put and javelin. I have been invited to the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) and recently joined SASI (South Australian Sports Institute) for athletics.”

Marley expressed her desire to go to college in the United States following her tertiary education at Tyndale, which is every athlete’s dream and would be ideal for her to develop her skill.

Tyndale has been at the forefront during this time, assisting Marley with her education and managing her time between sport and school.

“Tyndale has always supported me both with my sport and academically”, Marley said.

“My sporting commitments have rapidly increased as I have reached my senior years of schooling, so I have needed extra assistance with time management, assignment loads and lunchtime lessons.

“My teachers have given me amazing support and since expressing my wishes to pursue a college scholarship the school has helped me and my family with every aspect of this.”

Marley will be hoping for a pathway to further her discus and athletics post-school, and the High Performance Athlete Programme is the best way to do so.

If your child wants to progress their sporting abilities and open viable career pathways, make sure they apply for the High Performance Athlete Programme today.

For more information, contact Head of Sports Mr Matt Howard via phone or via email.

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