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A Fantastic Pathway to the Fitness Industry

Our desire to recognise trends in the educational offering for students has led to our commitment to develop the Certificate III in Fitness Course and a corresponding capital investment as we seek to serve our current and future student community and support their life beyond school pathways. 

The Pathways Centre is excited to announce a new onsite course, the Certificate III in Fitness, for our Year 12 Tyndalians. Our brand new sports wing will be the new home of our Certificate III in Fitness, every Monday afternoon. The first session was held on Monday 8 February 2021 and the students wasted no time in getting started, with a solid session run by our fabulous Course Facilitator from Active Training, Julie Stevens.

Certificate III Fitness students will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to conduct fitness assessments and design/deliver fitness programs that help people achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Those who graduate with their Certificate III in Fitness will have gained a specialised skill set, including how to provide tailored client assessments, how to assist gym members with correct technique and equipment use, and how to develop fitness programs for all ages and fitness levels as Group Exercise Instructors and Gym Instructors. 

This course will ensure that students are well prepared to enter the Certificate IV in Fitness, qualifying graduates as Personal Trainers.


Our students are set up and ready to seize the opportunities, follow their passions and face the challenges that lay ahead of them, supported by our great facilities and staff.” – Kristen Thomas Senior School Pathways Leader

If you or your child are interested in the Certificate III in Fitness Course in 2022 or beyond, please email Kristen Thomas – Senior School Pathways Leader.

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