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Middle School

Middle School Additional Benefits

Year 6 – Year 9


At Middle School, our budding Tyndalians build on their Junior School foundations as they transition to older learners.

Our programme is built around establishing great relationships between staff and students. We welcome each student and make them feel supported, encouraged and valued.


This is a time of growing opportunities. For the first time, students will experience specialist teachers for a variety of specialist subjects like:

  • Drama
  • Digital Technology
  • Technology Studies
  • Hospitality

As well as being introduced to these new subjects with specialty teachers they will get to do real science in our science laboratories.

We have vibrant sub school programme that includes a wide range of subjects, but also non-academic activities.


We increase the amount of time students spend with their pastoral care teacher, so they get to know them very well. Our staff are flexible in approaching problem-solving for student learning needs, behavioural issues and for integrating new students to the School.

We make sure we cater to their academic, social and emotional needs.


We want students to have maximum participation in our great community. That means we encourage and expect all students to take part in every event at Sports Day. There are many opportunities for students to experience different things, including getting involved in our annual musical. This is a time for them to try out things and find their interests.



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