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Our Brand Values

Fostering Lifelong Learners


At Tyndale, we are dedicated to cultivating a community of lifelong learners. Our commitment extends to offering quality educational programs that not only impart deep knowledge and skills but also foster the ability to apply these learnings in meaningful ways, both within our school walls and in the wider world.

Empowering Students

  • Nurturing self-reliance and a passion for learning in young people
  • Developing robust and effective learning habits
  • Equipping students for a lifelong journey of learning and discovery

Supporting Staff

  • Emphasizing continuous improvement through regular goal setting and review
  • Encouraging collaborative learning and peer observation
  • Offering financial support for staff seeking postgraduate studies

Engaging Parents

  • Guiding parents in supporting their children’s educational goals
  • Providing enriching parenting courses and workshops
  • Hosting specialized information sessions to empower and inform

Our vision is to create a learning culture that systematically fosters habits and attitudes essential for facing challenges and uncertainties with calmness, confidence, and creativity.

The Tyndalian Learner Profile

Resilient: I am a learner who embraces challenges with determination, always striving for personal growth.

Resourceful: I am a curious thinker, seizing every opportunity to learn and expand my horizons.

Relational: I value collaboration, appreciating diverse perspectives and contributing to effective teamwork.

Reflective: I constantly self-evaluate and plan for future improvements, embracing a journey of continuous learning.

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