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Why Tyndale? – A Community That Connects and Enriches

At Tyndale, we believe in creating a community where everyone is more than just a member; they are an integral part of our vibrant family. Our approach goes beyond traditional education — we nurture a sense of belonging and active participation. Whether you’re a parent, staff member, or student, we invite you to dive into the heart and spirit of our community, not just as spectators but as active contributors to our shared journey.

Beyond the Classroom: Service and Cultural Immersion

Indigenous Cultural Exchange in Normanton

Our Year 9 students embark on a transformative journey to Normanton, Queensland. This trip is more than an excursion; it’s an immersion into the rich culture of Indigenous communities, fostering deep connections with Gulf Christian College. During their stay, students engage in:

  • Exploring significant local attractions
  • Assisting in classrooms and contributing to the annual Open Day
  • Building meaningful relationships with staff, students, and the local community

International Outreach and Responsibility

Senior School students at Tyndale have unique opportunities to broaden their horizons and embrace global responsibilities. Our mission trips overseas are not just about travel; they are about understanding and actively contributing to the betterment of developing countries. By participating in capital works projects and supporting orphanages, our students experience the profound impact of their efforts on the global stage.

Kokoda Trail Adventure

Every two years, we offer our students the chance to partake in a journey of historical and personal significance — trekking the legendary Kokoda Trail. This biennial adventure is not just a hike; it’s a living history lesson, walking the same paths as the Australian and Japanese troops did in WWII.

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