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Why Tyndale – Wellbeing

We recognise the significant role health care and family support play in the life of a student. From the moment they enter the School, we make sure we are looking out for your child’s wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing team reaches across the three Tyndale campuses, consisting of:

  • registered and enrolled nursing staff
  • social workers/family service coordinators
  • male and female counsellors
  • and first aid personnel – all providing care and support to students and families from Reception to Year 12.


Our healthcare staff are located within each of our school sites, working together with students and families:

  • in the early detection of health and developmental issues
  • in healthcare prevention, intervention and education
  • on chronic condition management.

When we explore a student’s presenting complaint, we look at issues that may underlie the presenting symptoms. We work with students and families to achieve positive outcomes.


Our family service coordinators are available for direct support of Salisbury East families while providing consultation for our regional schools.

This service involves:

  • acting as a link within the school community
  • providing consultancy
  • giving advice
  • offering support to school staff and families to meet their needs.


Our counselling staff are located within each of our school sites, working together with students and families:

  • providing guidance on current issues
  • offering preventative measures to support underlying concerns
  • offering a holistic service to care for our students.


The Wellbeing Team offers multidisciplinary proactive care and support of our students and their families through collaboration with:

  • allied health professionals
  • medical practitioners
  • psychologists
  • and community services supports.


Our goal is to reduce barriers that limit a student from receiving the full benefit from their educational experience. We book every student in for a chat to make sure they are connecting with others and getting the most out of their time at Tyndale.

We take a holistic approach to help them realise their potential, ultimately impacting generational change.

We look forward to connecting with our families, building relationships with our wider community, and partnering to achieve great outcomes for the students here at Tyndale.

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