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Why Choose Tyndale – Tomorrow’s Global Citizens

At Tyndale Christian School, we celebrate every student as a unique creation, deeply loved by God. Our mission is to nurture this understanding, helping each child realize their priceless value and potential. As a caring school, we focus on holistic education, ensuring that our students not only excel academically but also grow in their sense of self and purpose.

Our approach integrates student support and therapy, guiding them to discover and hone their unique gifts and talents. We prepare them to be global citizens, ready to make a positive impact in the world. At Tyndale, we’re more than just a school; we’re a community dedicated to fostering wellbeing and inspiring our students to follow their distinct paths with confidence and compassion. Discover a nurturing environment like no other – right here, close to you.

Our Wellbeing Team is a cornerstone of our caring community, warmly extending their support across all four of our vibrant campuses. This team is a blend of compassion and expertise, featuring:

  • Dedicated nurses ready to tend to health needs
  • Social workers and family service coordinators for holistic family support
  • Approachable male and female counsellors for personalized guidance
  • A skilled family therapist to navigate complex challenges
  • Therapy dogs bringing comfort and smiles
  • First aid personnel ensuring safety at every step

From the early years in our Reception Early Learning Center to the pivotal Year 12, our team is here to provide consistent, loving care and support for every student and their family. Join us at Tyndale, where every child’s wellbeing is at the heart of what we do.

Read more about how Tyndale can support your child below.


We begin every student’s journey at Tyndale with a personal touch. By having one-on-one conversations with each new student, we make sure they’re connecting, engaging, and thriving from day one.

At Tyndale, our heart is set on smoothing the path for our students, ensuring nothing stands in the way of their educational adventure. We’re dedicated to helping each student see and reach their full potential, creating a ripple effect of positive change for generations to come.

As we look to the future, we’re excited about building deeper ties with our families, strengthening our community bonds, and fostering collaborative partnerships. We’re all in this together, committed to achieving remarkable successes and life-changing experiences for every student.


At Tyndale, we place a high priority on the health of our students. Our healthcare staff, present at each school site, are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing student health by:

  • Identifying health and developmental issues early on
  • Engaging in proactive health education, prevention, and intervention
  • Expertly managing chronic health conditions

Our approach to healthcare is thorough and attentive. We carefully examine each student’s health concerns, considering underlying factors to ensure comprehensive care. In partnership with families, our goal is to ensure every student enjoys the best possible health, supporting their overall educational journey at Tyndale.


At Tyndale, our Family Service Coordinators are dedicated to supporting the vibrant community of Salisbury East families and offering their expertise to our regional schools. They play a vital role by:

  • Serving as a vital link within our school community
  • Offering expert consultancy to address diverse needs
  • Providing tailored advice to enhance family and school engagement
  • Ensuring support is readily available for both staff and families

Our coordinators are here to ensure that every family’s needs are met, fostering a connected and supportive educational environment for all.


At Tyndale Christian School, our counselling services embrace a holistic view of wellbeing. We recognize that mental and emotional health is crucial for academic and life success. Our dedicated counsellors, both male and female, offer their expertise in unique spaces like the Junior School’s ‘Reef’ and the Middle and Senior School’s ‘Aquarium’ at Salisbury East, as well as in the nurturing environments of our regional sites.

Our counsellors use age-appropriate resources and activities to provide tailored support. Proactively engaging with new students, offering specialized sessions for Year 12, and participating in classroom lessons, our team is committed to fostering mental resilience and providing psychoeducation to help students navigate daily challenges.

We understand the importance of a supportive network and adopt a systemic approach for complex cases, working collaboratively with families and external agencies. Our ‘team around the child’ philosophy extends to offering Family Therapy, strengthening the ties within our school community.

For those in need of support, accessing our services is straightforward. You can reach out through an online ‘concern form’ available here on the left-hand side of this page. These forms can be utilized by pastoral care teachers, support staff, or directly by students and families, ensuring everyone in our community has the help they need, right at their fingertips.


At Tyndale, we offer Family Therapy to support families of all kinds through life’s many changes. Whether it’s welcoming a new baby, dealing with loss, adjusting to a teenager’s growing independence, or moving homes, we understand these events can both challenge and strengthen family bonds.

Our approach recognizes that families usually adapt well to changes, but sometimes, a fresh perspective is needed. That’s where our Family Therapy comes in. We delve into how family dynamics, backgrounds, neurobiology, and life stages influence relationships. Our therapists help bring these aspects to light, offering a space for families to understand and address their challenges collaboratively.

In Family Therapy, we focus on understanding the problem from each family member’s viewpoint. It’s not about ‘fixing’ a family, but responding to specific needs and working towards solutions that consider everyone’s wellbeing. This often involves exploring the issue’s roots and deciding whether to seek change.

We see the Family System as inclusive, often involving school staff, nurses, and other specialists. Their insights are invaluable, especially in understanding a child’s experience in the school environment. This comprehensive approach allows us to view the presenting problem from multiple angles, fostering more flexible thinking towards solutions.

Whether it’s parents, children, counselors, or other professionals, everyone’s voice is important in our Family Therapy sessions. This collaboration can lead to a better understanding of the problem and more effective strategies for moving forward.


At Tyndale, our therapy dogs are vital members of our school community, bringing comfort and joy every day. They play a crucial role in enhancing the wellbeing of our students and staff. At Tyndale Salisbury East, we are fortunate to have three therapy dogs: Zena – a seasoned companion who will turn 13 in 2024, Aussie – a younger addition set to be 5 in 2024, and Vector who has been a new face mostly around Senior School in 2023. Tyndale Murray Bridge also welcomes Lemmie, a recent and valued addition to our wellbeing efforts.

The impact of these therapy dogs is significant and multifaceted. They assist in easing the anxiety of students, particularly during challenging times like the start of the school year or during critical assessments like Year 12 exams, subject to SACE Board approval. As non-judgmental members of our Counselling and Wellbeing Teams, these dogs provide comfort in various settings – from the Counselling Office to the Health Care Centre and during school events like Immunisation Day.

Our therapy dogs contribute positively to the school environment and can be seen out-and-about bringing smiles everyday! Offering a calming presence that has been shown to lower stress and increase positive hormones, as noted in research by institutions like Johns Hopkins Medicine. Their role in our community goes beyond companionship; they are integral in fostering a supportive and nurturing atmosphere at Tyndale.


Navigating the challenges of modern parenting can be complex, especially when it comes to raising happy, healthy, and resilient children. Parents today are often inundated with information, making it difficult to find clear and reliable guidance.

Enter School TV: an innovative online resource created to empower parents.

It cuts through the noise, offering trustworthy and practical advice to help you confidently support your child’s wellbeing. School TV is more than just information; it’s a tool for continuous, realistic support, designed to guide you through the intricacies of modern-day parenting.


At the heart of our approach to student and family support is our multidisciplinary strengths This team excels in proactive care through collaboration with a range of experts, ensuring comprehensive support for our school community. Our team works closely with:

  • Allied health professionals, bringing diverse expertise to student health
  • Medical practitioners
  • Psychologists
  • Community service supports, ensuring a broad network of care

This collaborative approach allows us to offer well-rounded and effective support, tailored to the unique needs of our students and their families.

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