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On Tuesday 15 June 2021 we were blessed with the opportunity to once again host our annual Pastors’ Morning Tea! This year’s event was particularly special for both ourselves and our guests, as unfortunately we were unable to meet together last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. It was lovely to be able to invite many Pastors and local leaders within our community back to our School!

Our Pastors’ Morning Teas are held annually across each of our Tyndale Christian School locations. Through discussions and fellowship, our Morning Teas are fantastic opportunities to consider how our community leaders can assist and guide our students on their individual journeys. This is because Tyndale believes that supporting our students through their spiritual journey is just as important as providing them a quality education. We want to invest in and equip our students for life beyond the schoolyard and the future that God has planned for them.

Our Pastors’ Morning Teas also encourage positive discussions between different churches and roles of leadership within the community. They are a great way to develop our relationship with them, as well as their relationships with each other.

This year we had a total of 20 local leaders attend the event. Each engaged in discussions about the Tyndale Christian School Group and our shared Christ-focused values. Main topics of discussion also included, how we can work together to have local churches involved with our Chapel Services and events, how we can promote local churches Youth Programmes, and how we can walk-alongside our students in their spiritual journeys together.

Another key point of discussion included the need to support students in their faith during their transition to adulthood after graduating Year 12. This led to agreement that it is important to encourage students in their faith from a young age. Additionally, it was also agreed upon that we need to support our students in their teenage years as this is a time in their lives which is crucial to cementing them in a relationship with Christ and supporting their future self-growth and development.

Each of our guests took home a little gift to honour them for all the work they do in serving our community and supporting young people through possibly one of the most difficult but crucial, times of their lives.

Overall, we had a delightful time being able to once again engage in thought-provoking conversation and form friendships over a (much needed) warm cuppa and tasty nibbles! We look forward to hosting our Pastors’ Morning Tea again in 2022!

If you would like to ensure your Church’s Pastor is invited in 2022 or check that they are on our database, please contact Miss Grace Agius – Marketing Officer, by phone or email

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