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Charles Dickens Classic ‘Oliver Twist’ is coming back to life on stage, presented by our passionate group of Year 6 to Year 9 students.

Our talented Middle School students at Salisbury East are turning the clocks back to the Victorian English times and presenting Charles Dickens famous literary masterpiece, ‘Oliver Twist’ into a musical theatre production to their parents and the local community.

This is an opportunity for all students to showcase their talents to the wider community of what they have learned with music and drama, and bringing it live on stage with the guidance of their music and drama teacher and the Middle School Musical Producer – Dani Potter.

Being part of a school musical theatre production, not only does it help students build confidence with stage presence, but it helps each student to explore what they are good at and what they can improve on.

Each student has their own uniqueness, and this is a great opportunity for students that are afraid to perform to a large audience to give it their all and most importantly, to show to their parents what they have achieved in their classes.

Students being involved in a school production helps them build friendship with other students, have a connection with their teachers, build communication confidence when students are in need to talk to someone, as everyone is precious in God’s sight.

To find out more information about the ‘Oliver Twist’ Musical Production, please contact Dani Potter – Middle School Musical Producer either by phone or email.


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