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EMPLOYMENT + Success Story / 12 August 2021

Our School has a focused intent on setting students up for a successful life post school, in whatever field they choose. Old scholar Fabio Lucano recounts his success, and how Employment Plus can set your child up for a successful career.

ARTS + Success Story / 12 August 2021

Our School provides a broad, specialised Arts program, catering for creative-minded students. Elyse Evans, our success story, details where her career has taken her post school.

TRADES + Success Story / 12 August 2021

Our School seeks to bring out the best in our students, regardless of the pathway they choose. Trades Plus is all about setting up our kids for success in the trade industry, with old scholar Joel Fisher being a prime example of that.

TERTIARY + Success Story / 12 August 2021

Our School has a history of producing academically successful students who find themselves in high-end jobs post school. Through Tim Phillips, our success story, find out how Tertiary Plus can equip your child for the future.

SPORTS + Success Story / 12 August 2021

Our School is dedicated to serving a successful sports program that enables students who are passionate about sport to find related careers after school. Our success story, Lachlan, talks about his journey.

Lighten Your Burden / 29 July 2021

If you are unsure about how to talk to your children about the pandemic or the worries they have here are a few websites that offer some excellent advice on how we can support our children and young people to adjust to our new normal.

Pastors’ Morning Tea 2021 / 17 June 2021

On Tuesday 15 June 2021 we were blessed with the opportunity to once again host our annual Pastors’ Morning Tea!

A Passion for Running / 14 May 2021

Jack began at Tyndale in Year 8. During his Middle and Senior school years, he had a keen interest in Physical Education (PE). His teachers supported and encouraged Jack in his sport and helped grow his passion for fitness.

Meet Our Therapy Dogs Olive, Zena and Aussie / 29 April 2021

Our therapy dogs provide a general sense of wellbeing at Tyndale and most students think it is a good idea even if they do not rely on them.

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