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Why Tyndale - Intentionally Christian

Our Brand Values

Why Choose Tyndale? A Foundation in Faith

At Tyndale Christian School, our core commitment is to keep God at the heart of our community. Here, we honour, follow, and worship Him, revealing His presence in both our school and the wider community. We believe in the intrinsic value of every individual as a child of God, cherished not for their achievements but for who they are.

Our mission is to nurture students into becoming ambassadors for Christ, empowering them to make a positive impact in the world around them.

Student Experiences in Faith

Our intentional focus on Christianity enriches student life with:

  • Regular chapel services tailored to different school levels
  • Special services for Easter and Remembrance Day
  • Comprehensive pastoral care
  • Engaging biblical studies programs
  • Strong connections with local churches.

Community Service: Extending Our Reach

Our community service initiatives transport students to Kenya, Sumatra, and Indigenous communities, offering transformative experiences that extend learning beyond the classroom. These journeys are about making real-life connections and gaining a broader perspective.

A Journey of Faith

We’re devoted to guiding not only our students but also their families, towards discovering faith in Christ. Every moment of spiritual awakening at Tyndale is a celebration of our mission.

Living the Message of Christ

We firmly believe that Christ’s teachings are vital for our entire community, guiding our actions, self-regard, interpersonal interactions, and how we influence the world. This foundation prepares our students to lead lives of significance and positive influence.

Discovering a Purposeful Life

Our prayer is for everyone at Tyndale to find a meaningful and purposeful life through a relationship with Jesus.

“Every person should also have the opportunity to be able to fulfil their life’s purpose – to know Him, and to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.” [John 10:10]

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